Monday, 19 January 2015

Perfect padkos gear for your travels

When you travel it can be difficult to keep you snacks and drinks simple and easy to access, from leaky juice bottles to meals turning stale – sometimes it’s just such a hassle! On your next road trip, make sure you snack in style and add these clever gadgets to your padkos travel pack.

Collapsible water bottle – R18 from Silver Lining
When you travel it’s important for you to stay hydrated, this 740ml water bottle is perfect for travel hydration. Even better, when the bottle is empty you can fold it neatly and stick it under the car seat or in your bag. Make a note not to squeeze the bottle too tightly when you’re sipping otherwise you’ll spill.

Seal Sticks – R43 for six from Pick ‘n Pay or Plasticland
You won’t ever have to worry about keeping your food fresh with these nifty little Seal Sticks,  Simply fold the packet closed and slide over a seal stick and it keeps the air and moisture out of your snacks. They also come in all different sizes for different packet lengths.

Sistema “sauce-to-go” bottles – R79 Plasticland
None of us like eating dry food, whether its hot dogs or leftover meatballs, you need to add sauce or it’s just not complete! Luckily these tiny Sistema “sauce-to-go” bottles are tiny and convenient; just fill them up with tomato sauce, mayonnaise, mustard or whatever your favourite sauce may be.

Compleat Foodskin – R139 from Superbalist
Empty Tupperwares can take up a lot of space in your car or bag when they’re empty, never fear the Compleat Foodskin is here! The bottom tray makes up a solid base for your sarmie and the soft silicone lid stretches around your bread, keeping it together and fresh. Not only that but when it is empty it’s completely flat meaning you can store it anywhere.

The Lunch Pot – R220 from I Love Stuff
This is a trendy set of containers perfect for padkos, you can store your cereal in one container and your milk in the other so it doesn't go soggy. It also includes a spork and a carry strap for good measure! The Lunch Pot comes in three different colours and the smaller pot fits in the bigger pot for easy storing.

When you go on a road trip, whether it’s with family or friend padkos is an essential, so instead of your perfectly prepared snacks falling all over the place and taking up valuable space, keep them in order with this cool padkos gear.

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Written By: Christine Romans 

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