Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to not be an irritating tourist

There is nothing worse than an annoying tourist ruining your lovely vacation. To avoid being one of those typical unwelcome tourists, follow these simple steps…

     ·         Use your inside voice

You know those complaints from foreigners about how loud tourists are? Well it’s for good reason, so take your semi-screaming voices down to a minimum. It’s all about volume control.

     ·         Leave the selfie stick at home (or in the bin)
Here are three reasons why: 1.) If you just ask nicely, a kind stranger will gladly take your photo. 2.) It is the most unsightly contraption. 3.) It is a legitimate danger to the people around you.

     ·         The same rule applies for your iPad
A bigger screen does not mean a better photo. Plus, by leaving the tablet at home you can travel without having to carry around the massive device. Cue – the fanny pack.

     ·         Don’t comment on how cheap everything is
No matter how affordable everything may seem to you, it is kind of insulting to the people who live there. They are still working hard to make a living.

     ·         Or how expensive
You chose to travel to that country, get over it.

     ·         Dress appropriately
No, you shouldn’t go out and buy the natives traditional outfit, but be respectful. Maybe an ancient temple isn’t the best place to wear a crop top and high heels.

     ·         Be aware of your surroundings
In general, just behave according. Don’t hog a busy sidewalk for 20 minutes just to take a picture. Don’t complain about people’s accents or how the coffee tastes.

Don’t be an irritating tourist, make your travels and the people’s around you a pleasant one.

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