Friday, 2 October 2015

The terrible things normal people do on vacation

A survey was conducted to find out the shameful things fellow travelers do when they go on holiday, well the results were quite horrible. It looks like once the clock reaches vacation time, the average traveler turns into a complete monster!

Here are the worst offenses to be on the lookout for:

· 6% of travels sneak on the plane before their row is called
Boarding class C means nothing, right?

· 54% are seat recliners
I guess that poor guy behind doesn’t need any space to eat his lunch.

· 18% get up when the seat belt sign is on
General rules and safety obviously mean nothing when the vacation starts.

· 17% have snuck into a hotel to just use the pool
Act casual and no one will notice!

· 10% lie to hotel staff to get an upgrade
“It’s our honeymoon!”

· 7% of travelers have skinny-dipped in the hotel pool
Never mind the poor people who have to swim in the pool after you’ve had your fun.

· 60% are hotel breakfast buffet thieves
When you’re hungry, sometimes it’s hard to control your actions

· 29% raided the maid’s cart for free toiletries
Because apparently the unlimited bottles in your room just aren’t enough

· 12% of travelers have swiped a towel or robe
Yes, they may bring you clean ones every day, but they’re not free

It’s surprising how often travelers break the rules, sometimes they push the envelope a bit too far though. So, what’s the worst thing you’ve ever done when you’re on holiday?

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