Friday, 6 November 2015

6 Things you only buy at the airport

Airports are a place where there isn’t much to do. We often end up making unnecessary purchases that we usually wouldn’t. Impulse buys are common, but there are certain things you only think about buying when you travel.

Overpriced souvenirs – Getting to the airport and realizing you forgot to buy souvenirs along the way only means one thing: a mad dash to the nearest shop with novelty magnets and shot glasses. The goal is the find the most affordable items that you can squeeze into your carry-on before boarding the plane.

Tacky T-shirts – It might have slipped your mind to buy something for your granny on your trip to Thailand, but there’s still hope. T-shirts can be easily transported in your hand luggage and hopefully your grandpa is a fan of tacky t-shirts with frogs wearing hats and drinking tequila.

Holiday-only paperbacks – There is something alluring about the book displays in the airport stores. For some reason, buying the latest romance novel seems like a good idea. Chances are, it’ll make a nice coaster or headrest on the plane.

Ginger ale – There’s only one time people choose to drink ginger ale, when they’re on board a plane. Why do people choose this as their beverage of choice? It’s not clear, but adding some Jack Daniels does wonders.

Useless comfort items – Faced with 8 or more hours on a place and there is no amount of money you won’t fork out to buy items that promise comfort.  Neck pillows, blankets, eye shades, fuzzy socks. You will unwillingly find yourself stockpiling like doomsday is approaching.

Sudoku books – Nothing is more exciting than an impulse purchase of a Sudoku book. Sure, when you get on the plane, you’re probably going to forget you even bought it. What’s a six letter word for “waste of money?”

From tacky t-shirts to useless books, what do you always end up buying at the airport?

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