Wednesday, 11 November 2015

Packing hacks according to what’s in your bag

Packing everything for your next trip can be a bit scary – what should you take? What shouldn’t you take? However the destination and type of holiday makes it easier to plan and determine the contents to take with. Master the art of packing with these helpful packing hacks!

Beach Bum
All your necessities can be narrowed down to good swimwear, high-quality sunscreen, slip slops, sunglasses, a hat, towels and a waterproof camera. Pack in some baby powder to get rid of sand easily and don’t forget Ziploc bags to protect your valuables.

Camping Enthusiast
Planning to spend a long weekend in the wilderness? Make sure you take the right equipment with you, such as a decent tent and sleeping bag. Enjoy easy, convenient breakfasts amongst the trees with sachets of instant coffee and always keep your eggs in a plastic bottle. Did you know that you can make lamps out of jars by placing candles inside, or use deodorant as an insect repellent? Give it a try!

Urban Explorer
Always avoid anything heavy or restricting, so wear your camera around your neck and keep all your valuables, gadgets and tickets in a small bag. A good way to stay hydrated is to buy a refillable water bottle and always keep it with you.

Happy Hiker
Firstly, consider lining your backpack with bin liners to make it waterproof. You can also reduce the weight of your bag by sticking to dehydrated food and placing anything heavy such as water bottles on top. All your necessary clothing should include; robust footwear, a good jacket and make sure you have plenty of pockets.

Pro Traveler
If you are planning a backpacking trip, it can be difficult to pack your whole life into one suitcase, but it is possible! Write a list of all the necessities you won’t be able to live without, and with some simple tricks you can fit everything in. Save space by rolling your clothes, pack all your socks into your shoes and keep a roll of duct tape on hand – it can be used for literally anything.

Whether you’re a beach bum or an urban explorer, these packing hacks will have you covered!

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