Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Some of the worst rooms on the globe

South Africans, most of all travellers on the globe, know how to cut expenses and live cheaply. 
It's common knowledge that travelling the globe requires some comforts of home to be disregarded, right? True, but some of the people listing "apartments" on the web take rental spaces to the edge of doom – literally!

WorstRoom.com, a blog about trying to find affordable housing in New York City - notorious for expensive rental spaces that aren't up to scratch - has encouraged travellers from across the globe to share the ridiculous offers for housing they've come across. 

Would you rent these teeny tiny nightmare rooms?
  •  “Not responsible for pre-existing spectral inhabitants.”

Where: Brooklyn
Rent: R4700.00/month

  •  “Also features a super convenient pole, RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROOM.”

Where: Brooklyn
Rent: R7500.00/month

  •  “City living at its best.”

Where: Australia
Rent: R5500.00/week

  •  “Ideally it would suit someone less than 5'4 tall and with no history of claustrophobia.”

Where: London
Rent: R630.00/week

  •  “Good for one!”

Where: France
Rent: R9700.00/month

  •  "Are you sure it’s not solitary confinement? Oh, wait, no. It’s a room you can pay to live in. Got it."

Where: Brooklyn
Rent: R14 200.00/month

  •  “THE ROOM IS 4ft TALL so you can’t stand up inside it!, unless you happen to be shorter than 4ft.”

Where: Brooklyn
Rent: R11 800.00/month

Have you ever stayed in a room similar to these? How was the worst room you’ve ever stayed in?

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