Tuesday, 4 October 2016

7 ways you’re paying too much for your travels

It happens to all of us when we decide to go on holiday - we end up spending way too much then we need to! 

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So, how can we stop spending so much money on traveling? Here is a helpful list of ways to save some serious cash...

1. You always travel on the weekend
It is more convenient to travel over the weekend, but it is also very expensive. Try to make a plan to fly mid-week and you'll see some huge savings.

2. You use your credit card to withdraw money
Using your everyday credit card to withdraw money is not the best option, because foreign transactions and fees can cost you an arm and a leg. It's best to take cash with you and use your credit card as a backup.

3. You exchange currency at the airport
It's best to take cash with you when you travel, but avoid exchanging your money at the airport as you probably won't get the best exchange rate. 

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4. You eat out for every meal
Going to restaurants to eat breakfast, lunch and supper every day can be fun, but it will cost you a small fortune! Try to book accommodation that includes breakfast and find a cheap shop where you can buy fruits, snacks and drinks. 

5. You travel during the high season
Yes, we know, it’s really tempting to book a holiday during the summer. The weather is lovely and it feels like everyone else is jetting off somewhere exotic. However, you could save loads by travelling off-peak. 

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6. You buy food at the airport or on the plane
Food at the airport can be really expensive. Check out our tasty pre-flight and in-flight meal ideas that you can prepare at home for a fraction of the cost of airline prices.

7. You hire a car at the airport
Hiring a car at the airport can cost you a small fortune. By booking it all before you go, you can pay significantly less for the hire of the vehicle. Book a shuttle with Airport Shuttle in Cape Town, Durban or Gauteng and it’ll save you cash for your trip!

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