Thursday, 17 November 2016

The Most Affordable Places to Travel to in January

Did you know that January is the cheapest month of the book a holiday?

Pack your bags, hop on the plane and check out these five affordable places to travel to in January!


The Gold Coast is often left in the shadows compared to other places in Australia, such as Sydney. But this beautiful place is filled with chilled beaches, tropical rain forests and sunny days all year round.


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This Central American Country draws in people for its natural beauty, unique culture and ideal weather. In January the climate is just perfect for exploring the forests, beaches and even volcanoes!


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Who wouldn't want to visit a tropical paradise? Visit the west coast of Thailand and you will be pleasantly surprised. Plus, the great part is the cost of living is cheap since prices drop dramatically after the Christmas season.


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January is the perfect time to visit Barbados. It is also the time when the island isn't affected by hurricanes, so you can spend your days on the sunny beaches and explore the sea caves.


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This beach paradise seems to have it all - rain forests, warm sand, waterfalls and hot springs. Luckily, when January comes around, all the tourists have disappeared, leaving you to take full advantage and go on a few adventures. Some of the activities you may be interested in is - zip-lining, hiking and white-water rafting.

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