Friday, 2 December 2016

Smart Packing Hacks that will make Travelling so much Easier

Travelling during the festive season can be difficult, especially with all the Christmas presents and party outfits you’re trying to squash into your suitcase.

Here are a few nifty little tricks to help you stay calm and travel with ease...

Related imageRoll your clothes: Rolling your clothes doesn’t only compress them, but if you roll them in a pillow case it’ll also keep them wrinkle-free.

Use gift bags instead of paper: Your delicately wrapped presents can easily get ripped open while in your suitcase. Rather use Christmas gift bags to be safe.

Pack necklaces into a straw: This is a tried and tested way to make sure your chains won’t tangle together on the way to your destination.

Put the heavy stuff at the bottom: Your arm will thank you for balancing out the weight and packing your heaviest item at the bottom of your suitcase.

Smart show packing: That means putting your shoes into a shower cap. No more dirty dresses!

Clothing with pockets: Try to wear clothes or a jacket with pockets, this way you won’t have to keep searching for your ID or ticket.

Stay calm – holiday travel can be a breeze if you just use these clever packing hacks...

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