Friday, 13 December 2019

Flight Compensation

Are you eligible for flight delay compensation?

Great question right, well we all know the feeling. You are so excited to go on holiday or to see your family that you have checked in 4 hours early so you can scroll around get some coffee maybe even a gift or 2. While sitting at the airport gate, waiting to board the plane, when suddenly a voice on the PA announces that your flight is delayed.

For some, let’s face it. We do not mind at all in staying longer and waiting a little while as it’s a holiday as you are not going to get stressed out. But the hassle stays the same, flight delays are always trouble and the least you can do is get flight delay compensation that’ll make your wait more comfortable right!

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When it comes to air travel, flight compensation depends on your country of travel. For example, in the EU, you’ll take a look at European Union legislation. It’s the regulation that defines the rules and compensation for passengers traveling to, from or within the EU. If your flight has been delayed, you’re entitled to assistance, and benefits or compensation. You can choose between:




You will get compensation for most of everything if you know how to look for it and do some homework. Flight is late YES, Delay Compensation YES and so research will tell you. Did you know that you can even get some assistance? This mean food and drinks maybe even accommodation and transfer to and from the hotel.

Now you must be thinking, what about paperwork, yes there will always be paperwork as everything needs to be documented for both parties. Always remember to do your homework. Other than that have a great time at the airport and enjoy your flight!

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