Thursday 19 December 2019

Major Changes For Airport Staff

South African airport staff arrested and fired for stealing as they do a major security seep.

Some airports like OR Tambo international Airport says it has scored early successes in its peak season security operations designed to detect and disrupt criminal activity as we all know the holidays are now kicking off.

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It said that so far they have dismissed 10 people and 10 people have been arrested I attempts to smuggle items from the airside have been foiled. This is the most traffic in airport with people you will see now is the months between December & January. The airport anticipates that more than 3.1 million passengers will fly in and out during that time period. There are 2 days that top them all and that is the Friday before Christmas and the first Friday in January.

Security has been ramped up with additional members being provided by the South African Police Service and licensed security contractors to help us take all the measures we need to take such as random stop and search operations of people working in and around the airport. Other measures also include CCTV cameras in real time to be checked.

Staff with permits to work on the airside are not only going to be subjected to random stop and searches but are also going to be subjected to intensify searches at access points, both entering and leaving access-controlled areas.

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Betty Maloka, Senior Manager: Is determined to maintain the safety and security of passengers and airport visitors this festive season.

We will make sure and are cautiously optimistic that we are well placed to mitigate security risks. Engineering and IT systems to prevent unnecessary delays.

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