Tuesday, 22 April 2014

A Bloemfontein Breakaway

If you are like me, you regard long weekends as sacred things.  It’s a time to rest, spend time with family and, of course, explore a little. 

This past long weekend I decided to take an unplanned trip inland to visit family.  Usually around Easter time half the population flock to the coastal areas to lap up the last bit of summer sun.  I, on the other hand, ended up on a last-minute flight to Bloemfontein.  Yes, that Afrikaans place in the middle of South Africa that’s butt-paralyzingly cold in winter and hellishly hot in summer. 

Airport Shuttle dropped me at Cape Town International Airport and I got to experience a Prius for the very first time and wasn't disappointed (this Eco-friendly vibe isn't bad at all)!  As I waited patiently to board the orange fruit plane for the umpteenth time, I noticed my fellow passengers and knew it was going to be an interesting experience; it was a cultural kaleidoscope of note.  The plane was packed with eccentric looking varsity students, business men, babies and a few boere (judging from their dress-code).  
I witnessed mothers discipline their unruly children loudly...in Afrikaans...in a confined space; this had me praying for Valium to rain down from the overhead compartment by the handfuls. Thankfully, the flight itself was a pleasant experience…unlike other carriers, they allow you to use your tablets and other tech in-flight and this kept me distracted for a good hour!

Upon arrival, we headed out to Loch Logan Waterfront (yes, Bloem has a “waterfront”) for brunch at a gorgeous contemporary/artisanal deli called Picnic where I had Eggs Benedict with salmon, fresh rocket and the richest hollandaise sauce you could imagine…it was phenomenal!  They sell the most delectable home/hand-made breads, cakes, cured meats and food goodies...none of that iffy commercial stuff!

It would be a cardinal sin to compare this “waterfront” to the V & A we all love so dearly here in the Cape, but it has water nonetheless.  Thick, green, slimy, foamy & fishy water (I’m not even sure if it still qualifies as water but let’s leave that for the local authorities to decide).  

Overall my weekend was pleasant, uneventful and consisted of eating (a lot), something the friendly locals sure know how to do!

* Bloemfontein Airport & Loch Logan Waterfront *

Written by: Christine Kleyn

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