Tuesday, 29 April 2014

My Travel Bucket List

Today I share a few of my dream destinations with you.  Many of you reading this may have visited one or all of these magnificent destinations.  I, on the other hand, still remain hopeful.  These 5 places are at the top of my travel bucket list: 


I don't even have to explain myself with this one.  Who doesn't dream of sipping a mug of Swiss hot chocolate somewhere in a remote mountain cabin while heating up your toes in front of the fireplace?  A romantic getaway on the slopes also sounds like a pretty fine idea...think about sipping a glass of something with that special someone at the Gstaad Palace; absolute heaven!!  (Yes, I am a sucker for romance.  So what?)  The sightseeing is also something to behold...from snow covered mountains to icy lakes and the gorgeous Lauterbrunnen Valley with its 72 plunging waterfalls.  If this does not stir your inner romantic...nothing will!


To be honest, Italy is not a country I would visit for the sightseeing; though I do want to visit the Colosseum and row my own Gondola in Venice!  The REAL reason I want to visit Italy is the food - I want to eat gluttonous servings of Gelato and pizza and drink copious amounts of wine while I'm at it!  You, however, are free to roam the city and go sightseeing.

Hong Kong

This is a city that appeals to all your senses!  It's a place to visit when you don't plan on resting...imagine experiencing the Chinese New Year celebrations - China is well-known for its over the top festivals and events!
The city also boasts a world-class aquarium, thrill rides and giant pandas at Ocean Park, and if that's not enough...they have a life sized Ark (as in Noah's Ark!), which features a variety of things to do and see for all ages.
For a more spiritual experience, you can take a day trip to Lantau Island to visit the Big Buddha statue.

New York City

This is another city to visit if you don't plan on sleeping a lot...you can have your pick of Broadway shows, visit the famous Museum of Natural History and Museum of Modern Art (MoMA).  Early morning Starbucks & bagels in Manhattan followed by a walk in the Park is always a good idea.  Another popular tourist activity is taking an afternoon ferry to Staten Island to visit the ever popular Lady Liberty.


Like many others before me, I dream of experiencing the world famous city of Machu Picchu and hiking the legendary Inca Trail to the Lost City. 

Another attraction is the Peruvian Amazon, perfect for hiking and sleeping in an open cabin in the middle of the Amazon Jungle!

This list is not exhaustive...there are many places I still want to see. one experience I want with every fibre of my adventure-hungry being is a romantic, tropical island breakaway - that one deserves an entire blog post dedicated to it!

What is your dream destination?

Written by: Christine Kleyn

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