Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Choose the right travel luggage

If you've ever shopped for luggage, you should know that it’s not the easiest decision to make. When you have so many different bags to choose from, you need to not only think about whether you should get a bag, pack or suitcase, but also will the baggage fees cost you’re a small fortune, or will your luggage come back to you on the conveyor belt dented and broken.

What are your options?
Backpacks can come in a wide variety; they are the best option for you if you are planning on going camping or hiking. I love these bags, they are comfortable to lug around and fit conveniently on your back.
Duffel bags have become modernised and can now be used as travelling bags, they can fit nicely in the overhead compartment, but they can strain your body if you carry they for long distances.

Hard of soft bag?
Soft bags are obviously easier to squeeze into the overhead compartment and they can absorb shock much better than the hard sided bags.
Hard sided bags protect fragile items better than soft bags, not only that but hard bags can be ultra-light allowing your to meet the weight requirements without any hassles.

What size bag should you buy?
Remember if you can’t fit your carry-on bag above your head, you will not be able to put it in the overhead bin! So think carefully and try not to bring the biggest bag you can find. Make sure to check your airline for information about what different size requirements they have.

A few other tips:
  • Select a bag with a bright colour so you can spot it easily, a black bag is also the favourite colour for bag thieves.
  • Make sure the interior of the bag fits your style, if you have a lot of accessories and bits and bobs try get a bag with lots of pouches and belts.
  • Test your bag out, walk around with it for a bit and see if the handle is long enough and if its sturdy and comfortable.

Choosing the right luggage for you can prevent some small tragedies, pick the right, sturdy, durable bag for you and you can experience the freedom of travelling without having to stress about your luggage.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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