Friday, 10 October 2014

Travel accessories to make your trip easier

Have you ever arrived at the airport after spending hours packing and then suddenly realized you've forgotten all those little things you actually really need. From items that make your trip more comfortable to little accessories that can make your travels so much smoother and stress free, so what should you pack?

-Travel pillows & blankets-
It’s always a good idea to get some rest during your voyage, you don’t want to be grumpy and tired when you arrive at your destination. Do yourself a favour and buy some specially designed travel blankets and pillows to make it easier for you to get some sleep.

-Money belts & wallets-
Don’t go around carrying your money in a huge, obvious bag or pack around your waist, you’re just making yourself a target for thieves, rather use a discreet pack to keep your money and credit cards hidden in.

-Personal organizers-
When you’re busy travelling you want to keep important documents safe and easy to access, consider buying a small organizer pack you can wear comfortably when you’re on the go and also store everything in safely.

-Electrical Converters-
Never, ever forget that if you are travelling to another country they use different electrical outlets. You won’t be able to charge your phone, camera, laptop or any other electrical devices if you don’t have an electrical converter set.

-Luggage locks-
If you don’t want to avoid thieves stealing your belongings a small, but tough luggage lock is a good idea. Before you go out and buy a huge padlock make sure it is lightweight and TSA-friendly.

-Travel towels-
You’re regular bath towel probably takes up about half of your suitcase, rather bring along a small travel towel that will barely take up any space and it’ll dry a lot faster. It’s a great accessory to have no matter where you are travelling to.

-Luggage strap-
In your mind your luggage may look unique, but once you see all the baggage on the conveyor belt it’s hard to get confused, get a brightly coloured or patterned luggage strap and it will make your luggage strand out from the pack, then you can grab your bag and go.

If you’re travelling its great it have a hassle free trip, always plan ahead and think smart because having the right accessories will ensure you’re prepared and can make your journey an amazing experience.

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Written by: Christine Romans

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