Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Common Travel Disasters

You have your spare underwear, your inflatable neck pillow and your guidebooks, but do you know how to deal with certain travel disasters that could plan you’re perfectly planned holiday? Putting travel disasters at the back of your mind will not prevent them from happening, but if you break your leg while hiking or lose your passport gets stolen somewhere the right amount of preparation can certainly ease your pain.

Lost/Stolen Passport
It is a travelers worse nightmare; opening your bag, purse or wallet and discovering that your passport has disappeared, whether it’s lost or stolen, you’ll never know! The main dilemma is that it’s gone and you should act immediately, return to your hotel and search from corner to corner for it; if that is unsuccessful contact the embassy right away.

Missed Flight- It’s a bit unfair if you think about it, your flight could be hours late and of course you don’t get an apology, but if you are two minutes late, running to the gate the last millisecond just as boarding ends, you’ve pretty much botched up your flight. It’s a good idea to always arrive at least 2-3 hours before your flight, missing a flight could happen to anyone, even if you’re always on time things like security checkpoints to stormy weather can mess up your timing.

Lost Luggage
- You see the bags coming towards you on the conveyer belt, but where’s yours? Even though you used a neon green luggage strap you still can’t spot it, you've probably realized at this time that the Airline has lost your luggage. Always hang on to your baggage claim ticket and make sure your name and contact details are on a label on the outside and inside of your bag incase this awful event happens.

Illness or Injury on the Road
- Getting sick away from the comfort of your home can be quite frightening, whether the doctors don’t speak English or you don’t understand the procedures in a foreign hospital, the best way to deal with it is to prepare for the problem before you depart. It’s an important idea to research the country’s emergency numbers, embassy phone number and address, and local English-speaking doctors and hospitals before your trip.

Read through these travel disasters and keep them in mind when you’re planning your next holiday and before you leave make sure you take all the appropriate steps to help manage problems that might come up. If you know what to do when the worst happens, it can save you time and money and prevent your precious holiday from turning into a disaster.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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