Monday, 8 December 2014

Holiday travel – How to make it less stressful

It’s great to go home for the holidays; it’s all part of the joy of the season, but for many of us getting there can be super-stressful! It’s you, with bags full of Christmas presents, copious amounts of luggage and don’t forget the kids in tow and you’re up against flight delays, crowded airports and 12 hour long flights. There are tips that can help you escape the heartache and headache of holiday travel, here are a few:

Tip 1: Book early
Beat stress by making your travel plans as early as possible, that way you’ll get cheaper deals and more flexible schedules, try to also pick non-stop flights if you can. Avoid travelling on the busiest dates at all costs – two days before and after Christmas and New years are the most stressful days to travel.

Tip 2: Get digital
Before you leave to go on holiday make sure you have plenty of entertainment, whether it be games, movies and series on your tablet or laptop. The familiarity of your favourite TV show or game can really help to fight boredom and stress, not to mention it can entertain the kids for hours on end. Be sure to also bring earphones, backup batteries and chargers!

Tip 3: Travel light
If you have loads of Christmas gifts and luggage consider shipping them ahead of time, you’ll get rid of all that luggage hassle and you won’t have to drag around 10kg of bags. If you really must travel with your gifts, keep them unwrapped in case security needs to examine your stuff.

Tip 4: Stay well-fed
An empty stomach is one of the reasons why travelers get really cranky and grumpy! It’s easy to beat boredom on a flight with some snacks, especially for the kids. Before you get on the plane make sure you are all stocked up on healthy, non-messy snacks and treats, choose high-fiber and protein foods so you feel fuller for longer.

Tip 5: Remember that others are stress too
Holiday travel can be hectic for everyone involved, so take a deep breath, put a smile on your face and stay positive! Remember that getting away from familiar schedules and surroundings can be extra stressful for kids, so make sure to bring their favourite toys and books. The most important thing to keep in mind is that getting upset with the airport personnel doesn't help at all, stay calm, say kind words and keep an upbeat attitude.

Why do we always end up with that pit in our stomachs, clenched teeth and raised voices at least once during our holiday trips? Because stress strikes for many reasons and we need to know how to avoid it and control it so we have a happy, stress-free vacation!

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Written By: Christine Romans 

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