Thursday, 18 December 2014

Tips to have a great summer in Cape Town

If you’re coming to Cape Town this summer and you’re not sure what to expect, we have an easy, handy guide to make sure you can enjoy your holiday without any hiccups. From getting around without any snags to predicting the weather, we want you to leave wanting to come back for more!

Over the summer months Cape Town can be very warm and dry, the days are a lengthy 11 hours long and there can be some strong winds! Your best bet is to check out windguru in the morning so you can plan your day properly. If the wind is going to be gusting rather stay away from the beaches and Table Mountain and hit an indoor activity, like a bar or restaurant at the V&A Waterfront.

The local currency in South Africa is the Rand and Foreign Exchange is available around the city. It’s pretty obvious that when you use an ATM you should never ask strangers for help and don’t flash your cash around. The same goes for expensive jewelry, using cellphones and tablets.

Stash, don’t flash! Be aware of suspicious people and try to avoid walking alone at night, especially if you do not know your way around the city. I would also encourage you to never give money to homeless people, rather donate the money!

When the sun goes down in Cape Town, the city comes to life! There are so many amazing restaurants, bars and clubs to visit. If you plan on hitting the clubs just make sure you go with a local or get your hotel to organise you a guide to avoid getting into trouble. Another obvious note is to never leave your drinks unattended!

Firstly if you’re from another country, here in Cape Town we drive on the left side of the road! With that out of the way, there are plenty of ways for you to get around the beautiful Mother City:
- Shuttle service: If you need a fast, reliable shuttle service too or from Cape Town International Airport make sure to give Airport Shuttle a call!
- Cab or taxi: There are a large number of metered taxis and the average rate is R10/km.
- On foot, bus or bicycle: There are a growing number of tours available by run, bicycle, bus or foot in the city! The City Sightseeing bus is an amazing way to see the city at your own pace. The MyCiTi bus is another quick and easy way to get around the city and surrounds, you will need a pre-paid myconnect card.
- Train: The trains run basic commuter routes into the city and also stretch out along the scenic Southern line; this is an affordable option to travel around the city.

Cape Town is for the whole family. If you need somebody to watch the kids, ask your hotel or try sitters4u. You can also hire strollers, high chairs and other equipment for your kids so you can travel light and you don’t have to lug so much around with you! There are also plenty of children’s programmes at shopping malls and local attractions.

It gets really hot in Cape Town, so make sure you plan accordingly when you hit the beach. Lots of water and plenty of sunscreen!
- When you swim in the sea, make sure you use safe beaches where life guards are on duty.
- There are shark spotters deployed at several of Cape Town’s beaches along the False Bay coast line and use a flag and alarm system to warn beach users of a shark’s whereabouts, visit shark spotters for more information

Table Mountain is undoubtedly one of the city’s biggest attractions, but you need to be cautious when visiting. Follow the safety precautions below to ensure you don’t run into any problems.
- Steer clear of the mountain during bad weather
- Never hike alone
- Always tell someone of your intended route
- Use a qualified mountain guide
- Make sure to take an up to date map, comfortable walking shoes, a cellphone, food, sunblock and plenty of water
- Keep to well used paths
- Baboons can be dangerous so do not feed them or approach them

Cape Town is a beautiful city alive with activities and amazing things to see, make sure you are well prepared and familiar with this guide so you can have a great summer in Cape Town.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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