Monday, 15 December 2014

The weirdest travel gadgets

These days, it seems there is a product for every type of traveler: the germaphobe, the security freak, the easily bored and so much more! Odd gadgets have been with us for a long time, but since they've become more popular, the manufacturers work at standing outside the norm just to grab a bit more attention. Here are just a few of the quirky, weird products available to travelers these days:

- The Doberman Mini Mobile Alert pickpocket alarm
Imagine you’re strolling down the streets of a beautiful, sometimes unsafe, foreign city famous for its pickpockets, but what if there was a way to keep your wallet and passport safe on your person and safe from sticky fingers? Well, there is. The Doberman Mini Mobile Alert pickpocket alarm! Just attach it to your cellphone, iPod or camera and the other end to your purse, belt or wrist and it will sound off at a startling 95 decibels the moment a thief tries to grab your goods.

- The UpRight Sleeper
It may resemble a torture device used for choking, but this strange contraption isn't made for spinal injury patients, its actually intended to keep your head steady while you doze off. The UpRight Sleeper supports the weight of your head while keeping the neck comfortably aligned and prevents the head from falling forward or sideways during sleep. There is also an attached back strap that is between the back and the seat to hold it securely in place.

- Glyde Gear Backpack
Are you too lazy to carry or pull your bag? Well you can race through terminals with the Glyde Gear Backpack! This first of its kind back pack not only offers you the standard features of an ordinary back pack but it can also be rolled like a piece of luggage and better yet just lower the foot platform and ride it like a scooter. Please note: helmet not included.

Okay so this weird shirt pretty much takes the cake. Just plug it into a laptop and the built-in fans whir into action – just perfect for stuffy flights and airport gates! The USB shirt has two fans, one on the left and one on the right, there is also an external switch on the USB cable to adjust the fan speed. If you don’t have a USB slot nearby the shirt is also powered by four AA batteries, it can even plug into the cigarette lighter in your car – because it’s such a great idea to hook up your body to your cars electrical system!

- Tugo Cup
This “unique” design is a cup holder that keeps your drink suspended between the upright handles of your rolling bag, it is easily attached and removed and can be collapsed to fit into any pocket of your carry-on luggage. Apparently it was made to keep an extra hand free and introduce a more convenient way of transporting your cup of coffee, but maybe the emergency room nurse who invented it should have thought about the risks of scalding as the boiling hot coffee sloshes around.

So these are a few of the weirdest travel gadgets and gizmos on the market today, USB air-conditioned shirts and back packs that turn into scooters. Is it possible that one day these weird gadgets will be as popular as the ordinary toaster? I wouldn't bet on it.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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