Wednesday, 27 May 2015

5 Carry-On Travel Essentials

When you travel by airplane, whether it is for business or with your whole family, it is extremely crucial to be ready for the unexpected. These are five absolute must-haves to include in your carry on!

- Mini-flashlight - When your cellphone, wallet or any other small item rolls under your seat at night (especially your baby’s dummy) you’ll be so glad your flashlight is at hand.

- Refillable Water Bottle -
Staying hydrated on a long flight is so important! Small cups can easily fall off a tray, and just won’t do for air travel. Use a container that can be kept in your pocket or bag and ask to fill it with ice and water. You should get one water bottle for every traveler.

- Lip Savers -
Always keep a lip balm in a small baggie within reach along with the next few items. Your lips can dry out easily in the dry air on board the airplane, so a lip balm close at hand is essential.

- Eye Drops -
Like a handy lip balm, these are a must! Dry red eyes are not only unsightly but can be very uncomfortable. Plain saline nasal spray can also combat the dryness of plane travel.

- Special Treat -
Whether you, your companion or the kids, pack a small surprise or two to pull out when the trip gets dull. Maybe a sweet treat for yourself or maybe an unexpected toy/game or puzzle for the little ones. The newness will break up the boring.

When air travel takes you beyond a few hours, you always need to have these five carry-on essentials on hand!

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Written By: Christine Romans

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