Monday, 25 May 2015

Breakfasts from around the world

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day – it keeps us sharp and healthy! And as with any meal of the day, breakfast is interpreted differently around the world. So, if you’re a traveler and you love trying out different cuisines, here are the best places in the world for a delicious breakfast…

A full English breakfast
Other countries do include meat in their breakfast, but no one does it quite like the English! A typical English breakfast or otherwise known as a fry-up must consist of beans, sausages, bacon, egg, fried mushrooms, hash browns, toast and a salty disc of black pudding.

The French breakfast
French food is known for being rich and very delicious, that’s why they choose to only eat sweet food (nothing with salt) for breakfast. A French breakfast includes tea, coffee or juice with breakfast pastries like croissants, baguettes, French bread and plenty of butter and jam.

Breakfast in Japan
Tofu is a popular choice for breakfast in Japan. But, often a simple bowl of miso soup and rice or rice porridge sometimes with a piece of cooked fish and pickled vegetables, is a typical breakfast in Japan. Of course, don’t forget your cup of green tea.

The famous American breakfast
Breakfast in America is very varied. You will find different takes on the meal across the states. But the most popular breakfast options in America are always doughnuts, cereals and homemade pancakes. However one of the best breakfasts has to be in New York, where you will find the best bagels in the world.

A traditional German breakfast
The traditional first meal of the day in Germany usually consists of wursts, a variety of yummy local cheeses and freshly baked breads. And, the normal fare for a German breakfast is all washed back with a delicious coffee.

An Indian breakfast
Indian breakfast cuisine varies hugely depending on the region, but it is often similar to lunch or dinner. A breakfast plate in South India may consist of vegetable stew with lentil and rice bread, while breakfast in central India will be a thick pancake served with different dips and chutneys.

A Turkish breakfast
Turkey certainly has an exotic breakfast meal. A typical breakfast will include cheese, olives, tomatoes, boiled eggs, cucumbers, bread, jam, honey and spicy meat. A more traditional Turkish breakfast will also include menemen.

Breakfast in Mexico
A delicious, spicy breakfast is the norm in Mexico. A delightful Mexican breakfast plate may often have ingredients such as tortillas, eggs, cheese, beans and sauces. Another common breakfast item is chilaquiles – fried corn tortilla chips topped with green or red salsa, eggs, chicken, cheese and refried beans.

Polish breakfast
Known locally as Jajecznica, a traditional Polish breakfast includes scrambled eggs covered with slices of custom-made kielbasa (a sausage) and joined by two potato pancakes.

Breakfast in China
Breakfast is a lot like lunch and dinner in China, so you can expect food items like noodles, dumplings, and rice in vegetable soup. A popular comfort food and breakfast cuisine in China is congee (rice porridge), it can be eaten plain or topped with ground meat or squid.

Breakfast can be a tricky meal, some people won’t leave the house without their daily morning nourishment and others never eat because of lack of appetite or time. Hopefully this variety of delicious breakfast meals may even inspire you to travel the world.

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Written By: Christine Romans 

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