Wednesday, 19 August 2015

How to tell if you’re vacationing with a travel snob

Travel snobs these days like to carry on about the local culture and experiences, gone are the days of five-star hotels and all-inclusive deals. Because of this, everything genuine about travel has become rather generic.

Here are five signs to help you figure out if you are travelling with a travel snob, because you most probably are!

1. The first obvious challenge will be picking a destination

The travel snob says they’re an “authentic” traveler, so they would never be caught dead in one of the blacklisted tourist destinations. Good luck navigating through all of those and picking a place.

2. Leave the guidebook at home – they’re so unfashionable

If you manage to sneak a guidebook into your bag, it’ll probably be thrown out the window or burnt in the fireplace. The travel snob says that the place you are going is so off the grid and undiscovered; no information is written about it in any guidebook.

3. All-inclusive? No thanks!

If doesn’t matter if you have found an amazing bargain at one of the most luxurious hotels, the travel snob would rather experience the “local culture” by sleeping with the rabid dogs and cats in an alley than stay in a place like that.

4. Any kind of tour or pre-booked excursion…

Mention a bus tour, cruise or group excursion with other tourists and travelers and you will be met with eye rolling and a lecture about being a “serious” traveler.

5. Heaven help you if you look at fast food

The travel snob will tear you limb from limb if you so much as glance at a fast food establishment, so don’t even bother trying to venture into the nearest Burger King for a snack. Don’t you know you have to be on a strict street-food diet for the entire trip?

We all know a travel snob; they will probably pick a fight over the dinner table about whether tourists are real travelers. This is there way of traveling, and you can either love it or hate it. Either way, these signs will help you to see if you’re traveling with one.

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