Friday, 21 August 2015

You should always pack these items when you go on a business trip!

Packing for a holiday is easy and exciting, just throw in a few swimming costumes and flip flops and you’re ready to go! But, packing for a business trip is a completely different story. What should you bring and what can you expect??

Here are the items you should ALWAYS pack for a business trip:

1. Business Cards
This one is obvious, you should always pack a few cards at the ready when you are away on business.
2. Breath Mints
Don’t let potential clients walk away with your business card and a foul smell in their nose. Always carry breath mints to chew on regularly.

3. Antibacterial Gel
This is a necessity given all the people you’ll meet and all the hands you’ll shake.

4. A Name Badge
Create and laminate a badge for yourself, that way you know you’ll always have one.

5. A Pencil and Pad
This is an obvious item, but you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to forget! Make sure your writing utensils are always close at hand.

6. Pants, Jacket and Shirts
In some circumstances you may need strict business attire.

7. Two Pairs of Shoes
You should always bring a comfortable pair of shoes for walking and a slightly more dressy pair for important dinners.

8. A Charger
You’re definitely not going to forget your cell phone, but make sure you always have a charger.

9. Your Laptop
Your laptop, iPad or tablet is something that you need to have. You shouldn’t rely on the computer or operating system a business centre provides.

10. USB Flash Drive
Keep all your presentations at reports at your fingertips by keeping a handy USB flash drive in your pocket.

Remember that a business trip is a very important time; you need to be prepared for anything! Keep this list close at hand and make sure your trip goes exactly as planned.

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