Friday, 1 July 2016

Thoughts everyone has when they drive on the other side of the road for the first time

You’ve just made it through your long flight, landed at your desired destination and are just about to exhale a sigh of relief that your holiday has officially started when you remember… “I’m going to be driving on the other side of the road”!

Sure, you knew the time would come, but you had done a great job pushing it out of your mind, telling yourself that you’ll figure it out when you get there. Well, now you’re there. And it’s time to get behind the wheel.

So whether it’s your first time driving in France, Croatia, Iceland or any new country that drives on the wrong (right?) side of the road, we’ve all been there and have thought the same things.

1. OK, I can do this. How hard can it be?
2. Oh, this looks like my first car. I know how to drive this.
3. *Opens right-side door* Whoops, wrong side…
4. Alright, so it looks the same, just opposite, maybe this won’t be so bad.
5. Putting on my seatbelt *reaches right* Nope.
6. Just remember, “Other side of the road”.
7. Phew, someone else is leaving the rental store in front of me.
8. As long as I stay behind this person I’ll be fine.
9. Wait, has this person driven on the other side of the road before?
10. Do they know where they’re going?
11. Whoa – wrong lane!
12. Oh wait, nope. Just kidding.
13. Ah, this isn’t so bad.
14. Oh no, they turned.
15. OK, I’ll be fine… opposite side.
16. Wait, which side do I normally drive on?

17. OK, it’s the opposite side of the steering wheel. OPPOSITE.
18. Maybe if I turn the music on that will help.
19. Nope, music off.
20. Perfect, someone else to follow.
21.Oh no, now I need to turn.
22. Check your mirrors, check your blind spot.
23. They’re all blind spots! Oh, ok, looking over my right shoulder now…
24. I’m fine.
25. Wait, now which side is it again?
26. Left, steering wheel, other side.
28. Found it.
29. OK, just keep focused.
30. And don’t hurt anyone or myself for that matter.
31. Oww!
32. Reaching for the gear stick with the wrong hand is going to leave a bruise.
33. Did it again.

34. I probably should have bought travel insurance just in case (sigh).
35. Would travel insurance cover a bruised elbow, or ego?
36. What’s the surcharge for a bruised ego?
37. Hey! That person almost cut me off.
38. I have the right-of-way!
39. Don’t I?
40. Breathe, just breathe.
41. And keep your eyes open.
42. Think of a happy place.
43. Ok, we’re through. That was close!
44. Which side should I be on?
45. Ok, I’m fine.
46. Are we there yet?
47. *Looks out window* Nope, not there yet.
48. Did I just go through a red light?
49. Still not there.
50. Why is this the third time I’ve seen that street sign?

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