Thursday, 20 November 2014

7 things you should never wear on an airplane

So we've all done a little travelling in our lives, we've all seen some strange people on our flights, and there are certain things that people wear in the airport or on the flight that just make you cringe! It’s as if some passengers seem to think that the plane is their bed and airport is their bedroom. Okay I understand it’s essential to be comfortable on your flight, but there’s a difference between casual and just looking plain sloppy, here some things you should NEVER wear on an airplane:

1. Pajamas
It seems obvious, right? Pajamas are what you sleep in, in private, in your own bedroom! Find something comfy, but appropriate like a T-shirt and track pants, but please don’t rock up at the airport in your fluffy, pink bathrobe.

2. Shorts
The exception for this rule is if you’re flying from one tropical island to the next, but if you’re not – put some pants on! Why? Because airplanes are dirty and cold, its always best to have as little skin exposed on your seat as possible.

3. Slip Slops
What if there’s an accident, how are you going to make a run for it when you’re in your slip slops? Plus majority of feet are very unattractive, imagine having to see and smell someone’s extra-long toenails for 12 hours.

4. Excessive perfume or deodorant
A little perfume on yourself is perfect, but spraying your entire body with perfume or AXE deodorant can be nauseating for some people. The smell doesn't only affect the poor guy sitting next to you, but it’ll spread throughout the whole airplane.

5. Lack of perfume or deodorant
Maybe you’re the totally natural type of person and you feel that deodorant is harmful to yourself and the environment, that’s 100% fine, but please just deal with it for a few hours and put a little on! Think about the person sitting next to you, you think that you smell fine, but you may not be the best judge.

6. Super short skirts and revealing shirts
A plane is not a club, there is no need for you to wear a mini skirt and a low cut shirt, think for a minute about the other people on the plane. There are families with small children, people going to funerals and important business meetings; an airplane is not a place to show off your whole body. Keep it classy.

7. A ski jacket or bulky coat in the middle of summer
There is no need for you to alarm the other passengers into thinking you’re hiding something dangerous under that massive (unnecessary) jacket. If you’re someone who gets really cold on airplanes, simply layer your clothes, wear a jersey or bring along a small blanket.

Think about these things before you leave for your flight, the pilot and the flight attendants are trying their best to look professional, how would you feel if your pilot was flying the plane while wearing his pajamas and slippers? Not very safe, right? So you should respect their place of work and try to look as professional as you can.

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