Tuesday, 11 November 2014

How to beat the heat while travelling

Summer is probably the most popular time to travel, but it’s definitely the most uncomfortable time too, especially when you’re travelling to a sweltering location like Cape Town. Scorching temperatures and humidity can affect every part of your travel experience including getting to and around airports, sightseeing, lodging, health issues and even the most basic thing like sleeping well at night. Learn how to beat the heat and keep your cool with these helpful tips:

Stay hydrated
Always drink water regularly when you’re travelling, whether you are being active or not you should drink more fluids than normal. Drink cold water to bring down your core temperature and try to purchase some oral rehydration salts.

Pack your sunscreen
Even if you expect to be indoors most of the time, always pack your sunscreen just in case. Avoiding sunburn is an essential part of staying cool; if you get sunburnt it can add to the feeling of overheating.

Eat lighter meals
The fuel in your tummy can heat up the rest of your body, make you feel really heavy and it can take away precious water from your system. Try to choose a meal that will keep you full and hydrated at the same time.

Wear the right clothing
Loose fitting, lightweight and light-coloured clothing is the way to go. Always avoid dark colours and lots of layers; also try to wear cotton and natural fabrics instead of materials like polyester. Cotton will help you keep cool by absorbing and releasing heat and sweat while polyester will trap it and make you feel even hotter.

Wear a hat
Not only will a hat protect you from sunburn but it will also help to keep you nice and cool. It’s important to keep the sun off the back of your neck – this has a big impact on your internal temperature.

Check ahead
There is no excuse for not knowing what the weather will be like where you’re headed, there are plenty of reliable forecasts for almost every place on the planet. You should also check the weather at the airport and all the stops along the way.

Cluster your activities by location

Dragging yourself all over the place can be brutal in the hot summer sun, if you plan out your days to cluster activities together by location or neighbourhood, you can avoid long, hot walks or overheating on bus rides.

Have some ice cream
It’s delicious, it’s fun to eat and it’ll bring down your core temperature! Yes, water or juice will do the job, but it doesn't compare to eating an ice cream on a hot day!

Uncomfortably high temperatures can cause a lot of discomfort and dehydration, not to mention heat stroke and heat rash. Don’t get caught feeling like you’re travelling in an oven, use these simple tricks to keep yourself cool as a cucumber.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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