Friday, 21 November 2014

What not to pack when you’re travelling

There’s always the issue when packing of what not to bring and what you NEED to bring, the main goal is to be able to carry your luggage around without huffing and puffing and completely losing your breath. When we’re forced to make the awful decision and choose between our favourite things, most of the time it’s just easier to pack it all! Everyone’s packing style is different and we all have our own travel needs, but if you leave out a few of the following items on your next trip and we promise you won’t miss a thing!

Don’t pack your entire beauty routine:  If you use 12 different products on your hair, leave some of them at home when you’re travelling, instead of carrying two extra bags with you filled with beauty products. If you’re worried about looking like a troll in your holiday photos, trust me it won’t happen if you just use shampoo and conditioner for a few nights.

Don’t pack more clothes than you need: Clothes take up majority of the space in your suitcase, if you reduce the amount of outfits, it can reduce the load significantly. No one wants to run out of clean underwear in the middle of the forest, but that doesn't mean you have to pack enough clothes to change outfits three times a day.

Don’t pack your jewelry and valuables: So you can’t imagine living without your grandmother’s wedding ring or your expensive Rolex watch? Well, it’s best not to cart it overseas! Tourists are the main targets for criminals, you may think you look like a million bucks, but to thieves you just look like an easy target.

Don’t pack unnecessary gadgets: This part applies to you if you've ever packed things like nightlights, portable DVD players, coffee makers or toothbrush sanitizers, but then you never touch them once throughout the whole trip. The important thing to ask yourself is: “Do I really need that electronic language translator?” before you try and stuff it into your overflowing suitcase.

Over packing can cost a lot more than extra suitcase space and a free hand, if you check more than one bag or exceed the weight limit it can cost you a lot of extra cash, so before you get upset about leaving your favourite prized possession at home, remember that these suggestions might help you out a lot.

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