Friday, 12 September 2014

How to avoid traffic in Cape Town

Do you spend hours sitting in traffic jams during peak times? In Cape Town it is said that drivers waste about 96 hours a year stuck in traffic, we live in a busy city so it’s not surprising that this is the case, but there are some ways to avoid it:

Rush Hour
Always avoid going into Cape Town between the times of 7:00am – 9:00am and leaving Cape Town from 4:00pm to 7:00pm, these are the most congested times of the day.

MyCiTi Buses   
The MyCiTi buses are a cheap, safe and convenient way to get around the Mother City, here’s how to get started:

1. First you need to get yourself a R25 myconnect card, you can buy your card at any MyCiTi kiosks that are found along the bus routes or at certain retail stores.

2. In order to use the MyCiTi bus you need to load money onto your card, do this at one of the vendors dotted around town.

3. The fare will vary according to distance and it is automatically taken off your card when you tap it against the validator, it’s as easy as that!   

                                             View the timetables & routes for the MyCiTi Bus here

Golden Arrow
Ever seen those big yellow and green buses around Cape Town, those are the Golden Arrow buses and they've been around for years, here’s how to use them:

1. Study the timetables and routes and make sure you take the right bus, not all of them are going to your destination.

2. Always tell the bus driver where you are going when you get on the bus, you will need to then pay him with cash; you can purchase weekly and monthly tickets here, which works out to be cheaper.

3. If you travel with the Golden Arrow bus you may need to know your way around town or some of the landmarks because the driver will not announce the destination when you stop. There will be a button above you in the walk way that you need to press in order to signal to the bus driver to stop, and then you can get off!

View the timetables & routes for the Golden Arrow Buses here

Cape Town is a buzzing, international place, but face it no one wants to spend hours of their day stuck in traffic jams, use some of these tips can make your travels through our beautiful city significantly easier and quicker.

Written By: Christine Romans

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