Thursday, 18 September 2014

The suitcase that weighs while you pack!

Whether you’re travelling abroad to visit family and friends or attending business overseas, your luggage carries your most important possessions. If you travel frequently you should know that airlines will find any trick in the book to try make you pay extra baggage fees, even if it’s for carry-ons, well for those of us who have trouble packing lightly the new TUL self-weighing suitcase should certainly help a lot!

While some of us can easily pack feather light suitcases, some really struggle, often there are times when simply picking up the suitcase and putting it on a bathroom scale is an impossible feat and let’s not forget about the task of unpacking and repacking just to get the weight right.

The TUL suitcase is one step further than all the other self-weighing suitcases that have been in stores for ages now – it weighs your luggage WHILE you pack! The TUL has sensors installed at the base of the case which allows you to weigh the contents, simply close the lid and press the “ON” button and the weigh is displayed on the LCD screen. Take a look at some of the TUL suitcase’s other amazing features:

External suitcase protection jacket the TUL comes with a protection jacket made from a premium water resistant, impact resistant material, it also protects the sensors, LCD screen and luggage lock.

Luggage lockthe suitcase is fit with a TSA approved lock, meaning if luggage needs to be physically inspected the lock can be opened by a “master key” by security officials so it doesn’t need to be cut.

Multiple inside pockets there are multiple pockets and compartments fitted into the TUL suitcase, allowing you to separate your toiletries and access your favourite items.

The TUL suitcase will most probably be appreciated for many travelers, your suitcases weight hassles may never have to be the downside of your journey again. Take a look at the inventor, Knight’s pitch about his state-of-the-art suitcase here.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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