Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Simple tips to make flying suck less

Imagine you’re taking an amazing holiday trip abroad, the only thing in your way is the long plane ride ahead; do you want to enjoy your flight? Of course you do, flying can really suck at times! Use these tips to make your flight less painful, after all you don’t want to arrive at your destination in a bad mood.

Tip No.1) Do your research and book a good airline, cheaper isn't always better! In my opinion if you’re going to be on a long flight, it’s better to pay more and be comfortable.

Tip No.2) If you hate listening to other peoples conversations, babies screaming and the planes loud engine bring headphones with you, you can listen to music or watch a movie to cancel out the noise and keep you entertained.

Tip No.3) Sleeping on a plane can be very uncomfortable, so make sure to fasten your seat belt over your blankets so the flight attendants don’t wake you up to check if you’re strapped in. If you can, buy a neck pillow it can help you get more comfortable and reduces head and neck ache.  

Tip No.4) Food can be very expensive to buy on a plane, and most of it isn't very tasty, rather make sure to pack yourself a few healthy snacks for your flight.

Tip No.5) Occasionally get up and walk around the plane, it’s good for blood flow and can help kill a lot of time.

The golden rule to enjoy your flight is to be positive and polite, don’t get upset with the flight attendants and always be polite to your fellow travelers, thinking positive thoughts can really make you feel better and improve your trip.

Written By: Christine Romans

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