Friday, 26 September 2014

The 5 best first class seats that are better than your apartment

Imagine if you could get on a flight and not have to deal with the constant neck spasms, gross in flight meals and selfish passengers. Your 12-hour flight could be just as relaxing and luxurious as your holiday destination! Take a peek at the fine dining and luxury of these first class cabins that are possibly better than your apartment.

The Emirates first class suites are packed with luxurious features; a fully stocked minibar, your own recliner, a full length vanity mirror and let’s not forget your own personal shower and complimentary pajamas!

Instead of a normal airline seat, Etihad Airline more of an apartment in the sky! A bedroom, private shower and living area is what you'll get, not to mention your own butler and private chef.

As soon as you enter the cabin you get full access to your own leather recliner and a LCD touch screen that controls lights and the position of your chair. You also get to sink your teeth into a delicious three course meal and complimentary wine.


Enjoy the elegance and stylish seats with Lufthansa, along with plenty of fine dining like caviar and champagne and plenty of entertainment options, you also have a separate bed in addition to your seat!

This amazing airline has long been known as the best airline in the world! Fully enclosed private suites, LCD entertainment systems and comfy pajamas along with an actual bed instead of converted seat beds are just some of the luxuries offered.

Sitting in a long, uncomfortable flight can be a huge pain, if you choose to step onto one of these luxurious and lavish airlines you’ll definitely be leaving all your stress behind, you probably won’t ever want to leave!

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Written by: Christine Romans

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