Thursday, 16 April 2015

4 things not to let your kids try on vacation

Travel is all about exposure and trying new things, right? Well, yes most of the time. Testing out the local cuisine, taking on new adventures and exploring unseen territory are all part of the joy of traveling. However, there are a few times the “go for it” mentality should be controlled and that is when you travel with children…

Here are four things NOT to let your kids try for the first time when you are traveling:

Peanuts (or other highly allergic foods like shellfish)
You might think it’s a good idea to give your child peanuts for the first time when you are on a flight to your holiday destination, but when they break out in hives from head to toe, you should know it’s a definite no-no! It’s a better idea to test it out when you’re on land and close to a nearby hospital!

Potty training
If you have potty training plans and you know that you’re going to be traveling in the coming weeks, hold it off until after the trip when you have a dedicated schedule and routine. As for the night time, if your child has a history of wetting the bed, opt for  night time protection to avoid having to call hotel housekeeping in the middle of the night to deal with a damp mattress.

Swimming on their own
Unfortunately there have been cases of cruise ship drowning’s, some with parents close by. So, even if your children are really strong swimmers in your backyard, never let them swim alone while you are on holiday! Big, deep, crowded and unfamiliar pools or the unpredictable ocean can contribute to such tragedies, so make sure you always watching. Just because you’re on vacation doesn't mean you get a vacation from parenting and never assume someone else is watching your children.

Skiing, snowboarding, surfing, etc. without lessons
If you’re going on an active getaway with the family, don’t forget to pay those extra bucks so your kids can learn how to enjoy the sport with proper training. Professional lessons will not only enhance their fun, but they will learn safety measures of the sport and your kids will in turn become better. This then means future trips will be more enjoyable for the entire family.

Of course, at some point the kids will out-grow these limitations, but as long as they are still young, you need to keep them safe and comfortable while traveling.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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