Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Useful tips for traveling while pregnant

Are you pregnant and worried about your upcoming travel plans? Whether you’re considering a baby moon or planning your next important business trip, you don’t have to stay homebound. As long as you’re having an uncomplicated pregnancy, travel by plane, train or automobile – your trip will be doable with proper planning.

Here are our tips for staying safe and comfortable during your next adventure…

1. Get the OK from your doctor
Just to be completely safe, it’s a good idea to notify your doctor of any travel plans. Keep in mind that most medical professionals will tell you not to travel for more than 36 hours. If you’re flying, always check your airlines rules and guidelines for expectant moms.

2. Second Trimester Wins
Generally, the best time to travel during pregnancy is the seconds trimester. This is when all the morning sickness has subsided and extreme fatigue hasn't appeared yet.

3. A Well Packed Carry-On is Key
Always bring necessities, such as water and healthy snacks with you in your carry-on. Plan ahead, because things change and delays happen – you can’t be too prepared!

4. Stretch Your Legs
Sitting for long periods of time can increase the risk of blood clots, leg cramps and swelling. If you’re in a car, pull over and walk around for a bit. If you’re on an airplane, get out of your seat and walk as often as possible.

5. Comfortable Clothing is Key
When you choose what clothes and shoes to pack, the most important thing to consider is comfort. Layer separate clothing that is light, breathable and expandable.

6. Pack Medications & Prenatal Vitamins
Make sure you pack enough vitamins and medications to get you through the whole trip. Its also a good idea to be aware of any pharmacies or drugstores near your destination.

7. Stay Hydrated
You’re much more likely to get dehydrated when travelling. Always pack more water than you usually would.

8. Emergency Contacts
Keep a list of important contact information (healthcare providers, family members, etc.) with you at all times. If you’re in your third trimester and dealing with complications, it might be a good idea to bring along your prenatal chart.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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