Thursday, 23 April 2015

Tips for travelling with pets

If you have a pet, going away on holiday means that you’ll have to choose the best way to care for your pets while you are gone. Most pet lovers can’t bear to leave behind their much-loved family members. To give the animal lovers peace of mind, here is a great list of tips to help your travel with your pets.

Air Travel – If you’re going to be flying, make sure to check the requirements and conditions for pets on the specific airline you are travelling with. It would be best to call or email them if you need any clarification on their conditions.

Land Travel– If you are driving to your destination, make sure to plan and schedule regular bathroom breaks. To avoid your pet getting to restless, use the bathroom breaks to let them run around for a bit.

Before you commit to a long trip with your pet, you should get a good understanding of what you’re getting yourself into. Take them for a 2 hour drive to see if they get car sickness or anxiety. You can even give them a reward each time they get in the car to create a positive association with it.

Even though the idea of locking your pet up may seem terrible, when you’re traveling, it is an important safety matter. Pets that are allowed to roam freely inside the car can be distracting and dangerous.

Puppy Pads – Even if you have a full grown pet that is completely house trained, traveling can often lead to disorientation which can result in accidents. So make sure you have some puppy pads handy wherever you are.

Tag Them – Handling your pet in unfamiliar surroundings can be very scary, in case of an emergency it is important to have a strong collar and tag with your contact details. If you are travelling, remember that your contact details may change, so remember to keep the tag updated.

Stock up on Necessities – When you’re traveling the last thing you want to think about is refiling your pets medication prescription, finding their preferred food or worse, introducing new food that they negatively react to. To avoid all this, always pack enough food for your entire stay, remember to also pack some toys and blankets from home to sooth them during your journey.

Get a Vet Check-Up – Before you go on your journey make sure to get a full vet check-up. If you pet usually gets motion sickness or anxiety, the vet will be able to prescribe something suitable for your pet.

Find Pet Friendly Accommodation – Hotels and motels will not always accommodate your pets, it’s important that you double check before you make any payments. Always be clear on the size and requirements of your pet so that they can also have a positive experience. If you have a very large pet, you may want to opt for a holiday home.

Through lots of careful planning, preparation and these useful tips, you can have an amazing travel experience with your pets.

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Written By: Christine Romans

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