Friday, 24 April 2015

Five tips for packing light

There are many advantages of traveling light, especially if you are moving around a lot from place to place. But, unfortunately in this area of baggage fees, it is essential, because of how expensive it can get to carry multiple bags.

Here are five tips on how to trim what you pack…

1/5 – Roll Everything
I’m sure this one isn't exactly new to you, but it can really work wonders. Before you put any piece of clothing in your bag, roll it up! This will not only create space to fit more, but it also prevents your clothes from wrinkling. This tip is great not just for weekend getaways, but for an kind of travel.

2/5 – Pack One-Piece Outfits
This tip is best for when you are traveling during the summer, because you really don’t need to bring much clothing with you. Rather than packing outfits that include jeans, a top and a layering piece, you can go super simple with a one-piece outfit. If you are female, dresses, rompers and jumpsuits are just perfect.

3/5 – Travel-Ready Beauty Products
Limiting your beauty products can be really difficult for girls. The key is to only back the essentials and to choose products that travel well and have multiple uses.

4/5 – Limit Shoes to 2 Pairs
Shoes are a tough part when packing. It’s so tempting to bring along multiple pairs, but you really don’t need that many – especially if it’s just for a quick weekend away. Just one pair of shoes in your bag leaves lots of room for the more important things!

5/5 – Wear a Versatile Travel Outfit
There are plenty of ways to wear something nice and comfortable that will work for whatever your plans are when you arrive. Wear your one jacket on the plane or car ride not only to keep you warm, but to avoid having to pack it!

Traveling light can change your whole holiday, it’s not fun to pay extra baggage fees and don’t forget you’ll still have to lug around all those bags! What are your best tips for traveling light?

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Written By: Christine Romans

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