Monday, 20 April 2015

How to save money on travel

Do you want to keep more cash in your pocket when you decide to plan an exciting weekend getaway with your family or friends? Well, here are five tips for keeping more cash in your pocket…

1. Travel during the off-peak. Always try and be flexible about your travel date. Peak and off-peak days are different depending on where you are going and when. Days that are considered off-peak are as early as a week or two before holidays and several days afterward. Try and catch an early morning or late evening flight to get the lowest rates.

2. Grab up discounts. Check multiple sites, routes, airports and days, and simply ask for the best rates. Some airlines will offer you discounts if you are a student, senior citizen, or military and government employee.

3. Go online for airfare deals. If you take the time to register with airline websites, you will receive email notifications about specials and discount rates.

4. Take advantage of travel packages. Look into package deals. You can save a huge amount of money by booking airline tickets along with a hotel room or rental car. Expedia, Club Travel and Travelocity are some good places to start looking.

 5. Consider skipping the hotel. Staying at a bed and breakfast or self-catering apartment can be a much cheaper alternative to a hotel. If you are planning to travel to Cape Town, 808 Cartwright is a great place to check out, it is a luxurious, affordable self-catering apartment with amazing views of the Mother City.

It would be great to travel more often without breaking the bank, so try these simple tips and you could save money next time you decide to go on holiday.

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Written by: Christine Romans

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