Tuesday 23 June 2015

10 Questions you should ask before you rent a holiday home

At times, renting a holiday home, instead of booking into a hotel, apartment or guest house, can give you more bang for your buck. Typically, vacation homes can include things like free WiFi, phone calls, laundry services and you can save money on food costs.

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But, regardless if you’re looking to rent a holiday home, there are several questions you should ask before agreeing to any short-term rental…

  Ø  How are the reviews about the vacation rental property? Most online vacation rental companies such as Trip AdvisorFlipkey.com and Homeaway.com, provide reviews of the property and owner. Take your research a step further and contact previous renters or even the owner, to find out more information.

  Ø  How reputable is the vacation rental company? Nowadays anyone with a digital camera and Internet access can take beautiful pictures of a home and surrounding areas and upload them to a rental site. So remember, what you see is not always what you get. A simple Google Search can reveal telling information about a company. If you can, try visiting the home or area before submitting payment.

  Ø  What is the minimum stay required? Some apartments require at least a 3-5-night minimum stay or you may be charged an additional fee for short-term stays.

  Ø  What type of apartment building: walk-up or elevator access? If considering a vacation rental in cities like New York City or Paris, some apartments are only accessible by stairs, so make sure you ask about floor level access if you don’t want to climb up 20 flights of stairs.

  Ø  Are property amenities such as access to the gym, washer/dryer, fireplace and Internet included in the fee?

  Ø  Is the property child and/or pet friendly?

  Ø  Are cleaning fees included? Some vacation rental companies charge one fee for your reservation whereas some may charge a fee per day.

  Ø  Do you have access (e.g., telephone number and email address) to a 24-hour emergency contact or maintenance person? What if the electricity or plumbing goes out? How far are they located from the property?

  Ø  How prompt are the owner’s responses to your questions? If they are to slow to respond or impatient at the number of questions you ask, this could be a red flag.

  Ø  What are the cancellation policies? Typically cancellation policies vary. Check with the owner or property manager to learn more about the terms and conditions.

After you assess your rental needs, like size, price and location, ask these questions before you submit your payment to a rental owner or property manager.

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