Wednesday, 3 June 2015

A wearable that will help you beat jet lag?

As more and more wearables come out, the stranger their functions get! The focus so far on wearables, however has been mainly health and fitness.

The people from the F1 team McLaren are actually making a wearable that makes jetlag a thing of the past!

In a paper, the car firm set out a vision for a brand new device that will help you combat that tired and drained feeling you get after a long flight. Duncan Bradley from the McLaren’s Applied Technologies Team (MAT) wrote: "We'll get people to think about the condition in which they'd like to arrive somewhere, and then make it possible for them to achieve this."

He said that what they will be able to do is take your body’s vital signs, look at your travel details and actually predict the best way for you to travel and get to a point in time where you’re feeling as good as you can be.

All this will involve collecting information from your body over time and knowing how it reacts in context. Bradley added: "You'll then be offered information about interventions, even if they're counter-intuitive." Though there’s no word on what kind of interventions.

Most people just say that if you adjust the time zone at your destination a couple of days before, you’ll actually minimise the effects of jet lag. It’s hard to see what else this wearable can offer besides that.

Although McLaren is best known for its work with Formula 1 racing and super cars, the Applied Technologies team is focused on the future of wearable tech.

It’s unclear what form McLaren’s jet lag culling wearable will take or when it will become a reality. Sadly, we don’t imagine it will be anytime soon.

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