Tuesday, 30 June 2015

12 Packing Problems only a woman will understand

Sometimes they packing problems that women encounter are just about enough to make you want to stay at home! Yes, going places and travelling the world is great and all, but THE PACKING! WHY!?

1. You feel the urge to pack for every conceivable situation. You’ve never worn that long fancy dress before, but what if you want to go to a really nice dinner? What if some millionaire wants to take you dancing on his yacht? It could happen!

2. You have to squeeze your purse into your carry-on tote so you can actually bring three bags on board.

3. You have to fit all your cosmetics into that little toiletries pouch. Insane. Unrealistic. How are you supposed to live?

4. You can't abide by those ridiculous liquid container size restrictions. What? Do they think there is a bomb inside your moisturizer? The airport security jerks are totally just trying to steal your cosmetics!

5. You realise that you need to do laundry before your pack. But also, you realise that is just not going to happen.

6. You have to figure out how to keep your suitcase from weighing more than 50 pounds. The only thing worse than paying the excess baggage fee is paying the excess baggage fee after unpacking your bag in front of the entire airport, a fistful of underwear in your hand, in a vain attempt to transfer those last 4 pounds to your already stuffed carry-on.

7. You have to pick a different outfit for every day. Stress. And you know deep down that you will never stick to any of the choices you've made.

8. You want to leave room for the extra stuff you plan to buy on your trip, but you're completely unable to do so. You have to fill every available inch of suitcase space or else you're just inviting a fashion disaster to happen while you're on vacation.

9. You try to pick a "packing style" in order to get as much stuff into your bags as possible. Are you a roll packer or a vacuum packer? What if you can't re-vacuum your stuff when you come back? Maybe if you sit on your suitcase for a while, it will magically make room for more things.

10. You know your bag is technically too big to be a carry-on, but you also know that you have gotten away with it in the past. What if today is the day they make you check it? And then, what if they lost it? There you’ll be, stranded in some foreign country, naked and alone!

11. Weather denial. You don't care what the forecast says, it's supposed to be warm where you are going and you are packing accordingly. Stupid weathermen are wrong most of the time anyway. You'll dress for the weather you want, not the weather you have.

12. Wrinkles. So. Many. Wrinkles!

No matter how hard women try, they will always have a tough time packing for a trip!

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