Friday, 19 June 2015

What should you bring on your family holiday?

What is your ideal family break? Take a look at the ideas for family holidays and use the tips and tricks to decide what to bring along.

     ·         Returning to Nature

Bird feed & Binoculars
With the forest literally on your doorstep, it is the perfect time to see local plant life and animals up close.

Wellies, warm coats & waterproofs
The weather could possible get wet and chilly, so make sure you’re prepared! Enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings wrapped up and ready to jump in a few puddles.

Home Comforts
Unwind with your favourite mug and snacks. Relax into the evening, while still enjoying the nature around you.

     ·         Relaxing & Unwinding

Art Friendly clothing
Creative and crafty activities are a fun way to spend the day indoors. Pack something comfy that you won’t mind getting a splash of paint or two on.

A Good Book
An absorbing read is a great way to wind down, and it’s even better if you’re curled up beside a fireplace on an autumn evening.

Home Comforts
Relax for the rest of the night with something tasty to eat. And, of course, your favourite mug.

     ·         Getting Active

Trainers & Tracksuit
Sportswear is essential if you’re looking ti get stuck into some energetic games and activities. You can never pack too many socks!

A Swimsuit
A must-pack item! Ride the rapids and flumes, stay on the go with water fitness, or just relax in the spa pools.

An Appetite
Get stuck into the restaurants and cafes, whether for a hearty evening meal or if you just fancy something indulgent.

     ·         Thrill Seeking

A Sense of Adventure
Let your inner adrenaline junkie go wild, whilst protecting yourself and your belongings. Zip lock plastic bags, water bottles and a repair kit containing safety pins and a sewing kit are a must for the adventurous.

A Swimsuit
Yes, your trusty swimsuit is vital if you’re going to be getting wet during your adventure.

An Appetite
You’ll definitely have a huge appetite on this family holiday. Find a local eatery to enjoy a tasty meal after an action-packed day of adventures.

Things to keep the kids entertained
- An easy to use disposable camera
- Ideas for car games like “I Spy”
- Stories on CDs or MP3
- Favourite toys, games and blankets

Packing tips and tricks
- Roll your clothes up to prevent creases
- Keep your toiletries in sealed bags
- Plan outfits in advance to save space

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