Friday 26 June 2015

Tallinn Airport’s new sleep pods

Tallin Airport is self-proclaimed as the world’s coziest airport and it just got a whole lot cozier with the introduction of the new sleep pods!

Tallinn Airport is the fifth Airport in the world where these Finnish innovative GoSleep Pods are available. The pods have already been welcomed at airports all around the world, providing users with privacy and silence in the midst of busy passenger traffic.

The difference between the Tallinn Airport GoSleep pods and the others around the world is that they are offered the tired passengers free-of-charge!

GoSleep Pod is a specially designed, stylish and sleek chair for tired passengers in need of rest. Tallinn has 5 pods in total. Each one begins as a chair, but transforms into a bed/cocoon as you recline and pull a curtain down over the front. Hand luggage can be stowed safely under the seat, and devices can be charged inside the pod. Not really tired? You might also consider borrowing a book from the airport library to curl up within your cradle. Passengers with return tickets to Tallinn are permitted to take the book with them on vacation, returning it when they fly back through. Cozy, right?

When travelling, we have often had to sleep between flights on plastic benches or on the floor at various airports. This gave rise to the idea of developing a more comfortable alternative for passengers. There are always thousands upon thousands of people at the world’s airports with no chance of getting the restful sleep that they need. GoSleep Pod allows you to work or sleep in your own private and quiet space.

It is worth noting that while Tallinn does technically close at night, travellers have been permitted to sleep in the public area if they have proof of onward travel the next morning. Otherwise, once you pass through security, these sleep pods will likely be a cheap spot for a quick recline before boarding your flight!

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