Monday 1 June 2015

World’s Weirdest Restaurants

Food is central to travel, especially when it reflects the culture of the people and places that you’re visiting. Restaurants can offer travelers an authentic taste of new cities, regions and countries.  But, sometimes they are just plain weird. We are taking a culinary tour of the world, and presenting to you the weirdest restaurants!

Modern Toilet – Taiwan
What’s that smell? It could be the toilet-themed restaurant in Taipei, Taiwan. If you have ever thought about eating a snack while in the bathroom, then Modern Toilet might be right for you! The restaurant deals in cuisine, like curry and noodles, but the catch is that it’s served in toilet bowls and urinal shaped dishes while you sit on (non-functional) toilets.

Opaque – USA
This restaurant is definitely not recommended if you have a horrible fear of the dark! Opaque is America’s version of “Dining in the Dark”, a concept that has been popular in Europe for years. Guests order in a well-lit lounge and then are escorted to a pitch black dining room, where they are guided by blind or visually impaired servers through a specially prepared meal. Many people have said that the fully dark experience has enhances the taste, touch and smell of the cuisine.

Cannibalistic Sushi – Tokyo
The idea of this restaurant came from Nyotaimori, the extremely rare practice of serving sushi from the body of a woman (typically naked). What’s interesting about Cannibalistic Sushi is that diners do not eat what’s on the body, but rather, the body itself! The “human body” is made from dough on what looks like an operating table. Red sauce is added for life-like blood and all the internal organs are accurately reproduced with sushi and sashimi.

Ithaa – Maldives
The fact that Ithaa is in Maldives, only has 12 seats and costs 5 million dollars makes it one of the most exclusive restaurants around, but it’s also one of the weirdest. The restaurant is 16 feet below the surface of the Indian Ocean! A 180 degree acrylic see-through dome is all that is between you and a dazzling array of sting rays, butterfly fish and an array of different underwater creatures. Ithaa is the world’s first underwater eatery. It is a good weird, but still weird nonetheless.

The Heart Attack Grill – Las Vegas
We all know Americans love huge portions of food. The Heart Attack Grill sells over the top, obscenely massive burgers with sides of fried that are deep fried in lard. Diners are actually given hospital style gowns before they tuck into food like the quadruple bypass burger, a towering heart attack on a plate with four beef patties and 20 slices of bacon! The waitresses are dressed as nurses and will even help you out of the restaurant in a wheelchair if necessary.

Some people don’t enjoy eating in a normal restaurant setting; they crave the weird and the crazy! Travellers should embrace the bizarre eateries from around the world – dinner on the loo, anyone?

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Written By: Christine Romans

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