Monday, 22 June 2015

Use the new “Flapp” app to book flights to Cape Town

A brand new app has been launched for Android and iOS, it’s called Flapp! Flapp has been called the “two tap booking app” and is easily available to be downloaded for free from the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

Flapp has created a new and simple way for passengers to book their commute between Johannesburg and Cape Town. And as more carriers take off, the local airline industry is seeing a shift in power back into the hands of the travelers. Flapp is a perfect tool for today’s travelers.

The two-hour flight between Johannesburg and Cape Town is still one of the busiest air routes in the world, and Flapp is designed to satisfy the individual needs of the specific group of travelers who fly this route regularly. By combining all airline content into one mobile app, Flapp offers customers a smooth and secure booking and payment system.

The app comes with some cool, innovative features:

- Real time fares from all airlines
- Results can be filtered by price or departure time
- Same day bookings (up to 2 hours before a flight departs)
- Passenger and credit card details can be saved for two-tap bookings
- Completely secure and makes checkout process fast

Booking patterns for the last year point to the significance of the new Flapp app. 43% of passengers who flew between Johannesburg and Cape Town in the last year booked their flights less than a week before they departed, while more than 90% paid for their bookings with a credit card.

Flapp caters for these travelers by offering a 7 day window of fares bookable for the week ahead. This lightweight design reduces app load time and overall data costs on the user’s end.

If you look at the top of Apple’s local trending searches list, Flapp is probably there. The company has said that their aim is to simplify traveler’s lives by providing the best possible user experience no matter the device or platform customers choose to engage on.

To download Flapp from the Play Store click here… and from the App Store click here…

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